Revised: Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The Secret Copper Shop is located in New Milford CT USA


Secret Copper Shop Exclusives
Al Ferris, Jr. Design-Crafted Copper-Crafted Originals

There are very few coppersmiths making mailboxes these days. Custom mailboxes are not a usual item that comes to mind for gift-giving or as a "must have" home improvement. Yet, throughout the years I continue to be blessed with the opportunities to design and create my copper mailboxes for folks that were looking for exactly those sort of things. My mailboxes grace urban mansions and quiet country homes. They are ordered by home designers and friends, CEOs and local businesses. Some designs are a little crazy. Some designs are very stately. Each creation is as much about who it is for as it is where it will used.

On the internet and in big box stores, you are very likely looking at mass-produced, imported reproductions. I'm not knocking these. However, my copper pieces have little in common with them. Each of my creations are unique. Each comes from someone's ideas, thoughts, reflections and intentions.

The process and costs involved in creating custom copper pieces varies with the details of each individual project - usually depending on the materials and time required. I always welcome the opportunity to design custom pieces and the challenge of creating new works.

The actual process does, however, depend on you contacting The Copper Shop. Purchasing a piece at The Secret Copper Shop tends to be a personal experience - simply consider it the nature of the beast. Chances are you will need to be involved in the process. To meet your specific objectives and aspirations for any custom copper creation is a different experience than walking into a store and taking an item off a shelf or ordering from a pull-down menu online website.

Do feel welcomed to call, visit or arrange for an appointment to discuss a particular project you may have in mind.
The Secret Copper Shop number is 860.354.0783.

Al Ferris' Custom Copper Mailboxes offer more than "street-appeal."
The Secret Copper Shop designs and crafts custom mailboxes to match your home, family and business style... anything from whimsical to corporate.