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About Custom Copper Mailboxes


There are very few coppersmiths making mailboxes these days. Custom mailboxes are not a usual item that comes to mind for gift-giving or as a "must have" home improvement. Yet, throughout the years I continue to be blessed with the opportunities to design and create my copper mailboxes for folks that were looking for exactly those sort of things.


New Items & Shop News

The pineapple has long been a symbol of hospitality and welcome - from Renaissance Europe to Colonial America to Contemporary times. A unique custom mailbox... heralding welcome and practicality.

Latest yard sculpture from the Copper Shop... a 4' tall lunar eclipse birdfeeder. Mounted on 8x8 pressure treated and it moves in the breeze. Custom-made rendering from a smaller version I designed awhile ago as a hanging feeder.

The design of this mailbox is USPS Approved. It was designed to resemble the unique lamps along the home-owners driveway. The hinged open-top offers plenty of room for incoming mail and ease in getting the mail out of the box

"For the birds..." New designs and concepts in the building of my custom copper birdfeeders. Whether your thoughts on birdfeeder designs are traditional or a bit "in the wild."

Nearly 6' long and 9' tall. This vane was custom crafted for a couple in Indiana. The unique tulip housing and overall appeal of this weathervane makes it truly unique and one-of-a-kind.

New Milford artist meets the wind with whimsical weather vanes

By Christina Hennessy Published 12:00 am, Friday, September 22, 2017


Al Ferris Jr. grabs a large pair of metal-cutting shears from a corner of his New Milford workshop.


“This is a tool I use all the time,” he says. “Tag sale, five bucks. There were two. The other one was a bit rougher, but I should have bought it anyhow.”


If there is any sense of regret, it is hard to hear it in his voice as his gaze falls on his many other tools, nearly all of which he has purchased at tag sales. “I have hammers that go on forever,” he says. His clamps, drill bits and forming tools are equally numerous.


Photo: Christina Hennessy / Hearst Connecticut Media

Copper Shop mailboxes require over 6-feet of soldered joints. I use copper sheet, rod, and tube on each. All mailboxes, including the hinges, are hand made here at the shop. Some get brass washers hidden in the hinge for strength.


A new copper mailbox will turn dark brown in about three months, nearly black after a year. It will gain its green verdigris in about two years. Color change depends on weather. Rain accelerates the change.


There are very few coppersmiths making mailboxes these days. On the internet and in stores, you are more likely looking at mass-produced imported reproductions.


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